Hand-roasted flavor for your enjoyment. 

Innkeeper's roasting profiles or recipes are developed to bring you the best of each coffee. Light roasts, such as the Brazil Santos and the Victorian Breakfast Blend, are roasted a shorter period of time and to a lower temperature. These coffees are softer and milder, a breakfast-style coffee. In general, light roasts have brighter acidity (or tartness) than other beans. This is a very desireable quality in a breakfast or light roast.

As the roast progresses, a little hotter and a little longer than light roasts, the proteins and oils in the bean develop to a greater degree. Medium roasted beans are a darker color than light roasts and small amounts of oil may appear on the outside of the bean. Medium roasts, such as New Guinea and Sumatra, have a heavier body than a light roast. The medium roast accentuates the earthy body of these beans without the smoky intensity of a dark roast.

The longest and hottest roast is the dark roast. We carefully have determined exactly how dark we can roast these coffees without losing their fantastic body. Properly dark-roasted beans do not taste sour, bitter or burnt. All of the dark roast beans are the darkest in color and show a full coating of their natural oils. Our dark roasts, such as Celebes Kalossi and Java Estate, are heavy-bodied and earthy with greater intensity and smokiness than a medium roast. These beans are rich and bold. Ethiopian Mocha Stag and Indian Malabar Monsooned AA are at the end of the dark roast spectrum. These beans are super-intense, heavy-bodied coffees for the dark roast lover.