Bold and Complex, bright and floral. The story starts here.

Bold and complex, East African coffees are medium-to-heavy bodied and offer a fruity, winey character. Ethiopia is the original home of the coffee tree. Coffee was first cultivated in Yemen. Our African coffees are roasted medium to dark.

Most Central and South American beans, such as the Costa Rica and the Mexican Custapec, are washed coffees, fermented in large pools of water to release the bean from the coffee fruit. This fermentation creates a bright, tart acidity we characterize as a breakfast-syle coffee. The Panama Boquete is the only dark roast from Central America because its mild acidity makes it an island-style bean, better suited to a dark roast.

These coffees from Indonesia and the Pacific are earthy, have heavy body and low acidity. They often have floral or herbal qualities.